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3/103 Jonson St, BYRON BAY, N.S.W, Australia, 2481.

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"To be able to help the corporate world get a better understanding of  how to integrate a bit of peacefulness and communication into their high demanding world and to see cooperation and production improve is priceless!"


Corporate Rejyouvenation

Rejyouvenate Wellness facilitates a range of corporate services for employees to enhance their wellbeing and fulfil their potential.  A team building session can be held on or off site focusing on things such as increasing awareness of people and opportunities around them and for improving channels for communication. Stress management sessions give your employees the tools to manage stress and anxiety. Some techniques are so easy they can be used while sitting at a computer.

Corporate sessions can be tailored to suit your organisation and may include:

  • Open communication

  • Awareness of those around you and challenging behaviours

  • Self-confidence

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Performance enhancement

Confidential one-on-one treatments can also be offered to employees and immediate family members either onsite or offsite for help to:

  • form healthy habits

  • stop smoking

  • weight reduction

  • manage workplace injury pain

  • manage depression, anxiety and stress

  • solve personal or professional problems

For more information or to discuss how this could work for you call Matt on 0408 889 941.